Australian National University

As a Director of Quicksmart Homes in 2007, John Aspinall was part of the delivery team for the first multi-storey modular building in Australia.

A total of 186 studio and one bed apartments, laundry and disabled access accommodation delivered with substantial cost savings and a reduced timeline of over six months. After being invited to form a development team by the ANU in February 2009, QSH have successfully delivered 204 modular units to the site in Canberra to form a total of 186 studio and 1 bed room student apartments.

The first phase was delivered in 120 days with the second, larger phase being delivered in just over 5 months. Leading the manufacturing process from procurement, quality management and then production, QSH’s team with the contractor’s construction and integration input, developed the design to comply and to meet a programme that for conventional construction would have been unthinkable.

Using standard techniques and products in an unconventional manner meant that the entirely fire rated structure meets or exceeds Australian standards. Quicksmart developed the fire strategy, structural and BCA compliance for the modular element of the building that was then tapered into the overall building design and services strategy. Quicksmart Homes’ was awarded the ACT’s Sustainable Cities Award for commercial buildings for the Laurus Wing buildings and continues to design and produce environmentally and sustainable products that meet or exceed current requirements.