Modular Housing Types

For several years, Essentia Living has been developing housing types, focusing on a ‘hybrid’ solution, wherein all the serviced areas of the house – bathrooms, laundry, kitchen etc. are continued within a single module. Around this module, a composite wall system is constructed to create the ‘non-service’ rooms.

In the case of the smaller house types, including the townhouse designs, the construction time, once the site has been prepared, will be under 10 days. As more opportunities arise, so Essentia Living will be able to stockpile these hybrid modules, further reducing cost and installation time.

Currently, completed designs have been prepared for 2 bed, 2 storey townhouse, a 2 bed single storey house and a 3 bed single storey house. Additionally, an environmental 3 bed house is being prototyped for the Chinese Government in Shanghai, showcasing the use of recycled and sustainable building products, together with natural cross ventilation and grey water reusage.